Stunt Reel Ready

Growing up I rode horses, practiced Shotokan karate and above all danced.

A few years ago I was Elle Fanning's stand in on an indie project in New York City. There was a scene requiring choreography for a street fight between Fanning and her scene partner. I learned the choreography by watching during private rehearsal with all the keys. After rehearsal Elle went to hair and make up, and I practiced it for camera with her scene partner. The recognition I received from the director, Gaby Delall, and director of photography, David Johnson, for picking up the choreography "just by watching" resonates with me to this day. It was a really proud moment.

Then a light bulb went on in my head. Why have I not been utilizing these skills in my own work as an actor?

This past year I was able to say, "put me in coach" and with the help of some amazing directors and stunt coordinators, perform my own stunts. I have, for the first time, a stunt reel with a few of my favorites. This reel includes sparring, kickboxing, basic trips and falls, and swimming. I hope you will check it out.

#stuntperformer #stuntreel #actor #nmfilm #kickboxing #karate #sparring #thelastprisoner #runaway

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