Ready? Set? Go!

I had one wild and sleepless weekend.

In just 48 hours I helped produce, and acted in the film, "I Know a Place" as part of Team Vanilla Ink. for The 48 Hour Film Project. This year Vanilla Ink. Pictures collaborated with Moon Street Pictures creating a 48 hour film we can all be proud of.

On July 28th our team drew the genre "detective cop". We were also given a line of dialogue (I know a place), a prop (candy wrapper), and character name (Nathan Brazil) that we had to utilize in our film. The script was finished early (2:00 am?) Saturday morning and sent to our cast who had a call time of 9:00 am! After wrapping late Saturday night our film headed to the editing room, where it was picture locked at 4:00 pm Sunday, just in time for drop off Sunday at 6:00 pm.

It honestly takes a village and I am so proud of my tribe. I absolutely cannot wait to share this film during Screening Group B next week at the South Broadway Cultural Center.

I hate to be a tease so here are a couple of stills from the film to hold us over until then...

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